“These Internet Hamburgers Will Be the End of Me,” Our Interview With MrBeast

Controversial and popular YouTuber creator Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has been embroiled in controversy and litigation lately, as he sued Virtual Dining Concepts over the botched launch of his MrBeast Burger brand, prompting them to countersue him over an alleged breach of contract. We sat down with the internet star and got his side of things. 

Why are you being sued by a hamburger company ?

“I am a victim of misinformation, slander, and greed. Also, I fucked them out of a bunch of money during the pandemic.”

What do you think was the critical mistake you made in the MrBeast Burger debacle?

“I’m not sure, but I think I might have screwed up when I suggested we replace the hamburgers with a mushy pile of uncooked ground beef.”

What if you lose the 100 million dollar lawsuit?

“It doesn’t matter, as long as someone films, uploads, and monetizes it.”

Is there any possible way you can make sure all of your business ventures are being ethically run when you’re expanding them all so rapidly? 

“OK, tell you what. I will either answer this question, or would you rather take what’s in this briefcase?”

How are you taking accountability for your restaurant controversy?

“Right now I’m just going to step up and do the responsible thing and find a patsy I can shove this thing on”

What is the point of your YouTube channel?

“I like to do fun challenges, pull hilarious pranks, and demonstrate the downfalls of modern capitalism.”

Can I have $20,000?

“Sure, but you better dance around like a little fucking fool after for my camera.”

What do you say to people who think you make grim insights into American poverty and showcase how our social safety net has failed the disenfranchised, and you monetize their economic struggles?

“I also make gaming videos”

Do you think your philanthropy is exploitative?

“My content is far less exploitative than the U.S. government’s system for poor people, but we’re working on taking the number one spot soon”

What’s the highest number you could count to?

“I dunno. A kajillion, maybe.”

After your Squid Game video, are there any other television shows you’re thinking of recreating? 

“Oh most definitely! Once this lawsuit business is cleared up, I’m gonna start paying people to dress up like Vikings and fight each other. I’ve been watching that show, Vikings, by the way.”

How do you hope to be remembered in the future? 

“As the guy that had more followers on YouTube than Cocomelon and WWE. Please make sure my children know.”

How are things going with the ongoing lawsuit? 

“Great! I just went out to international waters for a while, to uh, make a video. Yeah, just shooting some content out here for a while.” 

Will the lawsuit with MrBeast Burger affect your chocolate brand at all? 

“No! All of the meat in the Feastables bars is top notch, I promise you that.” 

Are you worried about the negative association losing a lawsuit like this could have on your career? 

“Yes. These goddamn internet hamburgers are going to be the death of me! I should have just kept playing Minecraft, huh?” 

What do you say to your fans that ordered MrBeast Burgers and received subpar food in unbranded packaging? 

“I am deeply sorry to any fans that were disappointed with their MrBeast Burger experience. Send me a photo of the meal and I will send you the proper box it should have been delivered in.” 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

“Jigsaw from Saw.”

Is it true that the company you used to make your chocolate bars uses slave labor?

“That is completely false. I paid all of those workers in something more valuable than money: the chance to be a part of viral content.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“President of the United States. I look at issues like income inequality and homelessness and racial divides and I think… what if we built viral challenges around these? That would be so sick.”

Have you ever tried one of your burgers?

“God no. I consume only views.”