Maximizing Productivity With VoIP Mobile

Maximizing Productivity With VoIP Mobile

Whether you’re an employee tired of carrying around two cellular devices or a business owner who needs to streamline communications, mobile VoIP can help. It provides flexibility and advanced features to boost productivity in the workplace.

Mobile VoIP is easily set up on any device with WiFi, a 3G or 4G network, or hotspot connectivity. It is also an excellent solution for organizations that don’t want to foot the bill for costly company phones.

Set up a voicemail box

A voicemail feature in a virtual phone number is an advanced answering machine that allows users to save voice, fax, and email messages electronically. The user can check and access these messages from their VoIP phone, online dashboard, or through an email attachment. It drastically reduces the chances of new messages getting missed or forgotten.

Alternatively, users can check their voicemails using an external phone by dialing the VoIP phone number and entering their temporary pin (which will be sent in their welcome email). They will then be prompted to set up their default or unavailable message.

Once done, users can access their voicemail by clicking the Messages tab on their User Portal. Clicking the box before each message will give additional options like Move to another mailbox or Mark as Deleted.

Set up a conference call

If your employees are constantly on the go, having a centralized communications system that works on any device is critical. VoIP systems work well with mobile devices and offer a variety of features that increase productivity, such as the ability to be instantly accessible to customers through calls, texting, and conferencing tools.

To set up a conference call using VoIP, choose the date and time you want to hold the meeting and invite everyone attending. They’ll then be provided with a conference code and PIN (or a dial-in number, depending on what you use). Some platforms can also click a link or add a video to convert an audio call into a virtual meeting. It increases productivity by making it easier to collaborate with others.

Set up a virtual receptionist

With voice over ip telephones, your team members can direct calls to any device they choose – including their mobile phones – with auto-attendant functionality. The admin dashboard lets your team set their preferred call flow, such as letting calls go directly to teammates or voicemail.

VoIP can also centralize multiple voicemail messages, so you can check important ones without dialing extensions or PINs to retrieve them. Plus, some VoIP systems offer a feature that transcribes your voicemails to email so you can review them anytime, anywhere.

You can even set up your virtual receptionist to play announcements such as your business address/directions, hours of operation, or other helpful information when a caller presses specific menu numbers on the keypad. It will make it easier for your callers to reach the right person quickly, improving productivity.

Set up a call-forwarding feature

Using VoIP, business employees always feel free to miss an important call or message. The system allows calls to be forwarded to cell phones or any work phone number within the system in a snap! Call forwarding can also be set to ring several numbers simultaneously or in sequence, and voicemail messages can be easily retrieved through various options, including voicemail-to-email and voicemail-to-text.

Aside from call forwarding, VoIP offers other unique features that save time and boost productivity. For instance, the system can transcribe voicemail messages into text and send them to employees’ work emails when voicemail to email is activated. It makes it much easier to sort through, review, and respond to unanswered messages each morning. Additionally, a softphone display presents colleagues’ extensions in a contact list, allowing users to call or video chat with them with just one click.

Set up a voicemail-to-email feature

Your VoIP phone system’s voicemail-to-email feature allows new messages to be instantly sent as email notifications. This way, you can quickly check your voicemails on any device, whether working from home or the office.

When you receive a new voicemail, you will get an email notification that contains the message and its transcription. You can also customize the feature so that you only get emails from a particular group of people or a specific caller.

This way, you can focus on the most important tasks and not worry about missing out on a potential business deal or an urgent client request. It helps boost productivity and saves your team time. Plus, you can easily access your email from any device, as long as there’s an Internet connection.