Development of an optimal harvest date prediction and control technology for just-in-time production of strawberries

The Nationwide Agriculture and Foods Investigation Business (NARO) has developed a technology to accurately forecast and handle the harvest date for the realization of just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing of strawberries, 1 of the greenhouse veggies with a large industry scale, and verified it in an artificial weather chamber. This ground breaking technological innovation will provide as a foundation for future-technology agricultural production, enabling producers to correctly and specifically regulate the harvest time period based mostly on developments in crop demand and to plan shipments. In the future, we will display the harvest time adjustment know-how at creation internet sites these as greenhouses and verify the advancement of revenue of strawberry farmers.

In Japan, strawberries boast a big market scale, and Japanese strawberries are commonly well known the two in Japan and abroad. There is a regular need for strawberries during the yr, but the timing of an boost in demand differs based on the income method and its spot. Hence, if we can adjust the harvest time properly to match the demand from customers period of time, it will add to the marketing of sustainable agriculture by lowering output & meals decline and creating a steady supply chain.

In strawberry generation, many technologies have been produced so much to forecast the transport period of time by combining development facts with weather conditions and environmental knowledge. However, these systems make predictions centered on received temperature forecast details. Considering that the harvest dates ended up dependent on precise weather conditions ailments, the realization of shipments that correctly corresponded to the need period of time was found to be tough.

NARO has designed a just-in-time (JIT) production program that can match the harvest time to the need time primarily based on the strategy of robotics, which combines sensing, prediction types, and manage know-how. This time, a hugely correct harvest day prediction product was manufactured. In this design, by signifies of managing the fruit enhancement time period, the harvest peak can be controlled with an mistake of ±1 working day from the focus on date. This was confirmed by experiments in an artificial climate chamber that recreated the environment of earlier greenhouses. By introducing this JIT production procedure, producers will be in a position to identify market place demand fluctuations and match the harvest day of the fruit to the sought after shipping and delivery day.

At current, the prediction accuracy of the strawberry JIT creation method is staying confirmed for its application to true greenhouses. From FY 2023 onwards, even further verification and dissemination of the JIT production technique will be carried out with the purpose of contributing to the stabilization of strawberry creation and enhancing the cash flow of strawberry farmers.

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